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Heat Maps

View the price of companies in various indices and sectors at a glance. Choose either indices or sectors or a market and then a data plot and ordering. Hold your mouse over any company ticker to view the company name.

 Colour Key  large drop   medium drop   small drop   unchanged   small rise   medium rise   large rise 

ONTEX  23.68 -5.66% TNET  55.85 -0.98% AGS  41.75 -0.24% BPOST  28.18 -0.21%
GLPG  94.22 -0.11% AD  17.64 -0.03% INGA  14.72 0.07% BEKB  37.56 0.11%
ACKB  148.10 0.34% COLR  44.51 0.36% ABI  85.74 0.40% ELI  48.10 0.52%
COFB  104.70 0.67% SOLB  114.75 0.75% GBLB  93.56 1.15% ENGI  12.81 1.59%
UMI  46.88 1.69% PROX  26.37 2.01% UCB  68.48 2.88% KBC  75.06 3.16%

Note 1: Please note that suspended stocks will not be included in the list of companies.
Note 2: RiskGrade figures are provided by RiskMetrics.
Note 3: Under IFRS, all figures are based on 'Continuing' plus 'Discontinued' operations unless otherwise stated.